Denia 2017/ 2018 falleras mayores announced


9-YEAR-OLD Carla Vinzaros Gimenez and 25-year-old Melani Ivars Rojas were announced as the 2017/ 2018 falleras mayores of Denia in an election ceremony at the Salon de Plenos last week.

Carla, from Campaments, is a 4th grade student at the Les Vessanes school in Denia.

Melani, when interviewed by the Spanish press, claimed to be ‘in a dream’ that didn’t quite feel real. Melani has been a fallera of the Saladar Commission since 2008 and is studying to become a teacher.

The election ceremony was attended by the 11 Presidents of the Denia Commissions, seven members of the local fallera board, the President of the Board and the falleras mayores of 2016/ 2017 – Ines Alacreu and Mar Cabrera – who all exercised their right to vote.

Once the votes were counted, all gathered in the hall which was, by this point, packed with members of the public as the names were announced…

First was Carla, who burst with joy and excitedly got up on stage to accept the prestigious title.

Second was Melani, whose name had to be called twice as she could not believe it the first time!

In true fallas fashion, the ceremony closed with a big band but Carla and Melani didn’t stay out too late as they began their reign with a tight schedule – attending the proclamations of the Belleas del Foc de Alicante at the weekend.

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