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THERE HAS been a lot of procrastination with regard to the question ‘Should Donald Trump be allowed a State visit to Britain?’ This would mean he would be wined and dined by the Queen and carriage ride through London, the highest accolade a visiting head of State could have.

Jeremy Corbyn and most of the Labour Party don’t want the visit to happen, especially after Trumps recent tweets ridiculing London Mayor Sadiq Khan over the last terrorist attack in London, although the Conservatives would be quite happy as future trade relations with the US are now more important than ever. However Trumps spokesman is now saying Donald Trump will not be visiting Britain as yet, as this visit may cause demonstrations by the British public.

Now I can disclose that Donald Trump did make a private visit to London to have lunch with me, yes ME. He was following instructions from his first wife Ivana who I had befriended while working in New York, however his visit was sometime before he had developed his Presidential aspirations.

The restaurant we met at was called Scribes below the offices of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday of which I was Associate Editor in Derry Street Kensington, London. Some years earlier while working in New York for the Daily Mail, I met Ivana Trump, we became good friends after I had arranged special passes for her to attend Royal Ascot in Britain, and then put her picture on the cover of You Magazine in her Ascot Sunday best.

Ivana in those days was the Queen of New York, she arranged all the parties, receptions and balls, just about everything that happened in the Big Apple was organised by her and her private secretary.

Her private secretary had telephoned me “Donald Trump is in Paris, Ivana told him to hop over to London in his private jet and take you out to lunch” she said. Donald and Ivana had divorced on reasonably good terms, he had bestowed millions of dollars on her, they had a young daughter Ivanka, that Donald adored, Ivanka was a beautiful little girl who would kiss me on the cheek whenever I arrived at the Plaza Hotel in New York that Donald owned and Ivana managed.” There will be four of you for lunch, Donald, his girlfriend Marla Marple’s and her mother Laura Ann”, Marla was a former beauty queen and actress, she later married Donald but they divorced after 6 years.

The lunch was unremarkable, a lot of chatter about New York and what they thought of London. Then Donald launched into his business mode, my concentration wavered as he spoke in self-glorification, I looked at the threesome across the table and what was at first remarkable was the typical large American style back combed hairstyles of Marla’s mother Laura, and Marla Marple’s, however Donald Trumps appeared even bigger, it looked as if a large piece of sage brushwood had blown in from a Windy City, maybe Kansas, and attached its self to Donald’s head, the monstrosity appeared to have been back combed, up combed, down combed and lacquered to within an inch of its life, a hair dressers nightmare, this is the first time I had seen it so close, three feet from me, frightening!

The conversation, as I said was quite informal however I played close attention to Donald’s attitude and body language, his manner was to change every few minutes, his sentences were not eloquent, he sometimes looked as if he was gloating when speaking about himself, other times he looked impertinent, sometimes threatening, other times pressurising, he often pursed his lips like a petulant child, and occasionally he would place the tip of his thumb against the tip of his index finger making a figure O to press home a point.

Now this was just supposed to be a friendly getting to know you lunch, however Donald’s big business acumen of hotels and casinos was pushed down my throat, he is a business billionaire I grant him that, but without any underlying charm or wanting to ingratiate himself with you. When the lunch was over, Donald, Marla and her mother piled into their chauffeured Rolls Royce, I was sagging at the knees, wiped out, as if a steam roller had run me over. Donald Trump had come across like a bully trying to inflict his mantra and his brilliance on me.

Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me, that’s the very funny line stuttered by Kenneth Williams in the film Carry on Cleo as he is stabbed to death In the Roman Senate, these days it could be a line from the pursed lips uttered by Donald Trump about the attempt in the Senate to distable his Presidency. Donald’s opponents and all but a few of his supporters, have been ganging up, his tweets are mostly nonsense his speeches are rubbish, there is a growing feeling with the American Trump voters that Donald is going to sell them short as his policies, are leaking water.

At this moment Donald is fighting on all fronts, after sacking his own appointed FBI Boss James Comey the 6ft 7inch giant Comey sat in front of the intelligence Committee of the House of Represetatives judicial committee and told them what was said during his private meetings in the Oval Office with Trump. “Drop the investigations into the Russian involvement” said Trump meaning the Presidential Election, and then demanded a pledge of loyalty according to Comey’s evidence, then instructed Comey not to inquire into other accusations being levelled at Trump.

The EX FBI boss believes that the three private meeting held in the Oval Office were taped by Trump and the committee is trying to get the tapes if they exist to verify Comy’s allegations.

However Trump is becoming more beleaguered, as more Democrats and Republicans, are angry at Trumps disrespectful attitude and unwillingness to comply with the Members of the Senate some accuse him of being more Like Vladimir Putin, than Putin.

Now congressmen from both the Republicans and Democrats are thought to be sharpening their knives, as the Senate demands the handing over the tapes if they exist as suggested by Trump to Comey, If there are tapes of the Trump, Comey discussions that took place in the Oval Office the Senate committee want them, and pretty darn quick.

Infamy, infamy they all have it in for him! I think if Trump survives this attempt by the Senate in the cloak of Brutus to stab him in the back, will it be hail Trump or Alas Trump.

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