Don’t sleep in the shower in Benidorm


BENIDORM TOWN HALL and its water and sewerage operator, Hidraqua, have launched a campaign to raise awareness around saving water.

Town councillor responsible for water, José Ramón González de Zárate joined Hidraqua Benidorm manager, Javier Díez last week to launch the campaign.

The save water messages will appear on the back of quarterly water bills delivered to more than 22,000 households and businesses in the town.

They will also feature prominently on the websites of both the organisations and 200 posters in prominent positions throughout the Benidorm municipality.

The campaign messages are very simple and memorable soundbites: ‘Turn off the tap when it’s not in use’; ‘don’t sleep in the shower’; ‘grow indigenous plants’; ‘ water plants in the early evening ‘ and ‘long grass reduces evaporation ‘.

“Although this year there should be no drought problems, we feel it is very important to continue raising awareness on the rational use of water resources in basic everyday actions,” said Zarate.

Whereas Diaz explained his company conducts water saving campaigns every year that their effectiveness is: “A proven fact, because in recent years the population has virtually doubled but we have achieved a 20% saving in water usage” he explained.

The savings made equate to around 3 cubic hectometres, the equivalent annual water usage water of a city with more than 50,000 inhabitants.

During the press conference to launch the campaign, the Hidraqua manager also announced that from June 12, the offices of the company will move to a new location in the town.

The new office will be situated at Avenida Alfonso Puchades, 3, very close to other public services such as SUMA, the Tax Agency or the office’s street cleaning and garbage collection company, Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC).

Business hours are from 08.30h to 13.30h hours, on Monday to Friday and in addition, the company also has a toll free number 900 21 01 00 for commercial negotiations and 900 10 12 70 to report water problems 24 hours a day, plus a new interpreting service is available.

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