€102 million Velez Malaga budget boost


VELEZ MALAGA’S Council has approved this year’s multi-million-euro budget following lengthy political negotiations.

Investments include increase funding for the Women’s Information Centre, as well as improvements to the Mercovelez building, Casa Cervantes, the local police station and the Alcazaba. Also included were €500,000 for employment, environmental and cultural spending, as well as the extension and maintenance of parks and €50,000 item for the Museum of the City, MVVEL.

The plan also includes more than €13 million for investments and a 6.4% increase in welfare for families. Transport for university students, which costs the council €130,000 each year, has also been ringfenced.

Commenting on Velez Malaga’s commitment to social welfare, Councillor for Finance, Juan Carlos Marquez, explained, “we are spending more than €11 million in this area, including on personnel, and even increasing funding for certain schemes.”

The town’s Mayor, Antonio Moreno Ferrer, said approval of the budget meant “investments can be made throughout the area, helping to create jobs and develop our town”. Marquez added the budget approval “brings stability to the council team, provides important investments for the town and contains measures for various age groups.”

He concluded, “our council has the legitimacy to allocate public resources for what is most beneficial for residents,” explaining, “priority has been given to job creation, social care and catering to the needs of different areas, as well as incorporating the demands of various trade unions.”

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