Fuengirola’s €120,000 in grants for ‘needy’ families


FUENGIROLA’S Council has announced it last year gave away over one hundred thousand euros in funding for the town’s neediest families.

Activities covered by the programme included sports, cultural initiatives, workshops, summer schools and help for the disabled.

The town’s Councillor for Social Services, Francisco Jose Martin, commented, “in Fuengirola we have been helping families at their most vulnerable moments for over 20 years through a series of grants to help both parents and children take part in council-run activities which they could not afford themselves.”

He added, “In 2007 it was decided to unify all the scholarships offered by our various councils and create a municipal scholarship programme.” He said the scheme would continue, “as long as necessary; we will continue to submit these types of programs to help residents take part in various activities, as well as helping the disabled.”

Martin concluded, “all those wanting to apply for these grants can do so through the council within the relevant registration period, and social workers, or in some cases, schools will assess a family’s need and hand over the relevant amount.”

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