€22,900 invested in defibrillators to save lives


ESTEPONA’S Council has invested tens of thousands of euros in expanding the number of defibrillators placed in Local Police vehicles.

Officers will now receive training on how to use the life-saving equipment since they are generally the first on the scene in the case of heart attacks. The Council is also kitting out all the town’s sports facilities and municipal buildings with defibrillators.

Pilar Fernandez-Figares, Councillor for Personnel, has said four portable defibrillators will be placed in Local Police cars when they are on patrol, which a fifth machine has been purchased to be used by municipal staff at large events like fairs, concerts and festivals. She added all staff will be trained to use them.

A further eight machines have also been purchased to be installed in the sports centres La Lobilla, Santo Tomas, Sa Fernando, Cancelada, Las Viñas and in the Francisco Muñoz Perez stadium. She added the three existing defibrillators in the El Carmen sports centre, the Centro Cultural Padre Manuel and in the Puertosol building will be replaced.

After putting the project out to tender, the company ANEK-S3 was awarded the deal service for providing the machines at a cost of €22,900 plus VAT, several thousand euros less than expected. The devices will not replace medical attention but instead allow heart attack victims to be treated until the emergency services arrive. Ms Fernandez-Figares explained, “being able to act immediately when someone has had a heart attack until health workers arrive is paramount to saving a life.” She added eight people will be trained in using the machines for each one purchased.

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