€480,000 Fuengirola promenade facelift


FUENGIROLA’S Council has invested almost half a million euros to improve the image of its promenade, installing recycling stations along its entire coastline.

A total of nine stations have been put in place, in addition to an existing four, and will become operational throughout the week. These bins allow rubbish to be easily removed from the street, reducing odours, and improving the town’s cleanliness and aesthetic. The council took the move after discovering the town’s existing bins were almost always full and more were needed.

Pedro Vega, Councillor for Cleaning, explained, “the implementation of this proposal, which includes the installation or extension of thirteen new stations: nine on the seafront and four in various parts of the town, is an improvement not only for residents and businesses but also for tourists, as they will benefit from the town’s improved image.” He added, “we have paid for this project with a surplus from a 2015 budget.”

The recycling bins include containers for solid waste, paper and carboard, glass and packaging. Vega said, “we thought it was appropriate to put the stations all along the coast because it is one of the busiest areas of the town where people come for walks, to do sports,” adding, “the renovation has allowed us to use a piece of land to provide a dozen more parking spaces.”

He went on, “in 2001 Fuengirola Council became a pioneer in installing this type of infrastructure, a model that many other municipalities now use.” He called on “residents and visitors to use them responsibly.”

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