Eye in the sky


MARBELLA COUNCIL has purchased two paragliders for €5,367 in a bid to launch an aerial surveillance unit.

Javier Porcuna, security councillor, has defended the usefulness of the initiative after coming under fire from Malaga Airport operators AENA last year. The report from AENA warned that due to Malaga having partial jurisdiction over Marbella airspace, the aerial unit would not be able to run.

Porcuna stated that the patrol unit could be invaluable in monitoring traffic, illegal constructions and providing surveillance on beaches and tourist areas. His idea is that the unit would operate at certain peak times of the year, maintaining that there are officers in Marbella’s police force who already have the specific training needed to operate the gliders.

The proposal provoked criticism from the opposition party last year, as the PP claimed the patrol was nothing more than a “joke in bad taste.”

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