Facebook clarifies security settings


FACEBOOK HAS picked up on the fact that everyone thinks its security settings are confusing.

So, it has rolled out a redesign based on user research to bring some much-needed clarity to its security page.

Some of the changes include bringing important tools, like trusted contacts and two-factor authentication, to the top of the security and login page in a new “recommended” section that’s customized for you based on your current settings. And about that two-factor authentication option — it’s no longer called “login approvals,” because it took research for Facebook to realise it should just call it what it is.

They’ve also grouped similar tools together under single headings and simplified the “Where you’re logged in” section, making it much easier to see where, when and on what devices you were last on Facebook.

Overall, the changes make it easier to navigate through all of Facebook’s security options no matter your level of tech awareness. And this follows an update of the website’s Privacy Basics section in January, which added more interactive guides to help you tailor your settings. To access to the revamped security section, click the little arrow at the top right of your screen, select Settings, and then Security + Login from the menu on the left.

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