False WhatsApp message spreads panic in Spain


VALENCIAN REGIONAL police authorities have acted quickly to quell a situation of panic resulting from a false allegation written in Spanish on WhatsApp.

The message, which went viral, without warning last Wednesday afternoon falsely claims that an imminent terrorist attack will happen in the Spanish cities of Madrid, Valencia, Alicante and Barcelona.

The Bulo post on WhatsApp states that the National Police force is mobilising to an increased level 5, maximum alert.

It also falsely claims that the chosen place is in the vicinity of the North Station, which “is full of national police.” Before continuing with the allegations that:

“They have cancelled all vacations and 5 more groups of UIP (Police Intervention Unit) have gone to Madrid and there is a Geo team at the airport, so if you have to travel always be alert.”

“The renfe is full of National Police and the police stations, everything is revolutionised, an imminent warning of an attack … Pass it on to families and avoid cinemas, discotheques, etc. ”

The Spanish Anti-terrorist Alert Level consists of a scale composed of several complementary levels, each of which is associated with a degree of risk, depending on the assessment of the terrorist threat that can be seen in each moment.

The classification provided for in the Anti-Terrorism Prevention and Protection Plan has five activation levels associated with a certain level of risk: Level 1 corresponds to low risk, Level 2 to moderate risk, Level 3 to medium risk, Level 4 At high risk and Level 5 at very high risk.

Valencian Police Authorities attempted to diffuse panic by reiterating and reminding the public that the current threat level remains at Level 4 and urges people to only believe information posted on official websites and through reputable news sources.

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