Fire close to naturist beach


FIREFIGHTERS FROM Benidorm were called out to a fire in the Raco de Conill area, close to the picturesque naturist cove, for the third time in a month, last week.

The fireman quelled the flames in less than an hour, but were unable to determine the cause of the fire, which is leading police to suspect that the three fires, which have occurred in less than a matter of three weeks, could be linked.

The fire appeared to have started under some dry brush, but had begun to spread rapidly owing to a strong afternoon breeze.

After extinguishing the flames, the fire officers, cleared the immediate area of other dry brushes to ensure the flames would not re-ignite.

Local police requested that all visitors to the area, be extra vigilant when extinguishing cigarettes or using portable barbecue equipment in view of the current spell of dry weather and high winds in recent weeks.

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  1. Just like any other holiday site only clothes-free, nothing wrong in that,we all have bodies and there is too much body shame and prudery these days, along with too much violence and not enough caring for our fellow beings and the environment.


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