French tourist rescued by helicopter


A 76-YEAR-OLD hiker, with a history of heart disease, was rescued from the top of the Sierra Bernia mountain earlier this week.

The French tourist had been walking with three friends on the 1129 metre high mountain last Tuesday morning, when he suddenly complained of dizziness then subsequently vomited and fainted.

The quartet had just traversed through the famous ‘Forat’ tunnel which leads from one side of the mountain to the other.

His worried compatriots, being aware of his history of heart problems, called the 112 emergency services number around 12.00pm.

After receiving the call an Alfa 1 rescue helicopter attached to the Benidorm Fire Service was scrambled, crewed by pilot, co-pilot, medic and two rescuers.

Once the group were located on the mountain, the sick man was attended to at the scene, then quickly transferred to the Hospital Marina Baixa in Villajoyosa, where he remained for observation.

Rescue services are aware that with the arrival of warmer weather, more people are walking on the mountains of the region which places extra burdens on them.

They advise walkers to take at least two litres of water, snack food, warm clothing for sudden changes in weather, decent walking footwear.

They also suggest people walk in groups rather than solo, carry a mobile phone and tell another person where you are going and what time you expect to return to your home or accommodation.

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