German crossbow stalker deported to prevent new attacks


A GERMAN man who stalked celebrities and served eight years in a Spanish prison for attempted murder was deported to his home country on Monday.

Arndt Meyer was placed on a flight immediately after his release from Estremera penitentiary in the Madrid region, where he was imprisoned for trying to kill young actress Sara Casasnovas with a crossbow in June 2009.

Meyer was originally told he could enjoy a 30-day period in Spain before he legally had to leave the country, but authorities repealed this decision after the Spanish press revealed he kept a scrapbook filled with photographs of young actresses who could become his next targets.

Meyer, who suffers from a personality disorder, was handed to German police by Spanish authorities on Monday.

Meyer will be kept a close eye on by Interpol and his name will be added to a register of sex offenders.

In Spain, investigators are now trying to determine how Meyer obtained the photographs while serving time.

Meyer’s scrapbook was discovered in October. Prison authorities suspected that the he persisted in harassing Sara Casasnovas by telephone as she had reported night calls to her private number in 2015 and 2016.

Following his conviction, Meyer was banned from contacting Casasnovas or approaching her until January 29, 2020.

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