New roundabout and road layout for A-7 in Benalmadena


MIGUEL BRIONES, a delegate from the Junta de Andalucia has this week announced a contract has been signed to create a new roundabout and road layout at kilometre 222 of the A-7 in Benalmadena.

Mr Briones explained, “it is a project that residents have been asking for for some time. We hope to begin works after the summer as it will considerably improve the lives of those living in Benalmadena as well as tourists who visit the area.”

Before the announcement made by Mr Briones, the mayor of Benalmadena, Victor Navas, had previously asked the Junta to give “definitive” dates for the project.

He also asked the Ministry for Development to make a special effort to push the scheme through, “and therefore not make us wait until 2021 for the work to be completed, as it would be under the current multi-year plan as the people of Benalmadena cannot wait that long for resolution to a problem that poses a serious risk.

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