Greenpeace target Guardamar


A VIDEO has been released on social media, by environmental action group Greenpeace showing the accumulation of plastic waste on the beaches and Segura estuary area of Guardarmar.

The environmentalist have launched a European campaign to denounce the pollution of plastic waste in the Mediterranean and are using Guardamar del Segura as an example .

Greenpeace have spread images of the accumulation of hundreds of containers in the mouth of the river and a video, which has been shared thousands of times by social networks.

It shows, in graphic proof of how plastic waste badly affects the Mediterranean with images taken at the mouth of the river Segura.

Thousands of plastic containers, mainly drinks bottles, are carried by currents and tides to the beaches and the sea every day .

There they decompose for decades or centuries to form the microplastics that feed the growing pollution of the oceans.
Guardarmar town council believe that responsibility for the pollutionthat lies with the Hydrographic Confederation (CHS), clearance company, who ceased work on the area eighteen months ago owing to budgetary issues.
Until two years ago the removal of the residue in the channel was done mechanically, managed by the CHS.

At that point there was a floating screen that contained them and on one side there was a machine that automatically took care of removing them. However, the machine broke down a year and a half ago and was never repaired.
Since the embarrassing video surfaced, CHS has now committed to repair that machine and fix the floating screen.

Funds from Central Government allocated for winter storms damage will be used to pay for the cleaning project.

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