Help for the most vulnerable


MIJAS’S COUNCIL has teamed up with the Red Cross to provide a “sharing experiences” workshop aimed at bringing students and companies together.

The event, which took place at the TRH Hotel Mijas, involved several companies from Mijas and Fuengirola, students, the Department of Social Services, and the Red Cross.

The Councillor for Social Services, Mari Carmen Carmona, attended the workshop, which was developed within the “Corporate Social Plan for Labour Integration”, carried out by the Red Cross Spain. The session lasted around two hours, teaching companies and students to value people in the work place and not put in place prejudices based on age, gender or ethnicity.

Mari Carmen commented, “for us it was essential that students and managers of these companies get to know each other personally, and see first-hand what the Red Cross is trying to achieve. This program is a way to remove stereotypes, because there is always more to a person than meets the eye and that is want we want people to learn.”

The course kicked off by teaching the importance of incorporating those at risk or social exclusion into the work place, helping them integrate into companies and society. The Red Cross has therefore developed a series of courses in becoming a waiter or a valet within various hotels in Mijas to help those most at risk of being left out of the work place.

The organisers say they hope the workshop would encourage managers of hotels to overlook stereotypes and therefore help the most vulnerable into the work place.

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