Helping to relieve the pain of Butterfly Skin


LAST WEDNESDAY the DEBRA-Butterfly Children Charity celebrated the first anniversary of its charity bench situated at the peak of La Concha at 1,215 metres.

The idea for the bench came from local Marbella fireman José Pérez Bellido who wanted to give visibility to Butterfly Skin whilst at the same time offering a place for visitors who had climber the mountain to rest and take in the views.

In 2016, José saw his dream become a reality. Since then hundreds of visitors have made use of the bench and shared their selfies with the hashtags #BancSolidario and @pieldemariposa to create awareness of the cause.

To pay tribute to all the Butterfly Children families who, on a daily basis face challenges much bigger than mountains, a group of special individuals set off intent on reaching the peak.

The Mayor of Marbella, José Bernal, was present at the Fire Station for the departure of the expedition. He praised the firemen of Marbella for the work they do within the city and congratulated them for the support they have given to sufferers.

The highlight of the expedition was when a helicopter provided by World Aviation Helicopters circled the bench with Adrian Soto, a 12-year-old boy with Butterfly Skin on board.

For Adrian and the many others suffering from the condition climbing a mountain is only a dream because the journey on foot or being carried would cause serious blisters and extreme pain.

Butterfly Skin is a rare, painful and incurable disease that causes extreme fragility of the skin. From the moment a baby is born with the condition they have blisters and wounds all over their body.

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