Horoscope – 9 June 2017


IF IT’S your birthday this week: Take time to ensure what it is that you chiefly need right now, because mistakes will be hard to rectify. You have the blessings of a generous Cosmos that sends you the gift of opportunity and abundance for the astrological year ahead.

Aries: Venus sextiles Mars and sees to it that you must be rewarded for a job worth done, because you deserve it. You have been patient and understanding when others were thinking only of themselves, and now you are about to reap the benefits. The future may very well see you just walking away from something that you no longer believe in anymore.

Taurus: Saturn has the effect of delaying tactics at the moment, and it would be wise to look before you leap this time. The midweek conjunction with Ceres hopefully puts things back in the swing once more, but it does also serve to show you that you are seeing things from a very different angle and for sure others need to get their act together now.

Gemini: Financial obligations are taking their toll, and it would be highly appropriate to tighten your belt right now. Whereas there was almost always just enough you are close to having to take drastic action because somebody isn’t paying their way. Mercury squares on Neptune and this bodes a strict review of expenditure to make ends meet!

Cancer: Is the glass half full or half empty? The waning Moon heralds the need to replenish what you have started, and advises you to stick to your guns over a matter of principle. There may be no easy way down from where you are right now, but it is high time that you opted out if the current turbulent situation is causing you too much stress.

Leo: The Sun takes on Pluto, ruler of the subconscious forces that exist all around us. The planet of Power seems to be exerting energies garnered from the Eighth House, which would normally be used to protect you; but all is not what it seems right now. Your psychic energies are prioritised to return you to the balance and equilibrium that you need.

Virgo: Your attention to detail is renown, but however far you look there is something now that you are simply not seeing. You are born to serve, and take your work very seriously, but something has offended you and rightfully you should not be side stepped over recent changes. Put your brain back into overdrive once more, it makes you happy!

Libra: Kora sextiles the Sun this week, and it’s a great time to make plans for the near future. You need to take a few things on board and to plan your trip appropriately, however, and don’t give in to pressure because somebody thinks that they could do the job better than you could. Take control and know that you can’t please everybody, but you will try to!

Scorpio: Mars is in sextile with Venus, and you will find yourself surrounded by people with needs this week. Whilst it is good to help solution things you are not about to take sides as relationships of others fall apart. Your tender love and care is the way ahead, and this you give freely and with a good heart. Beware though, someone has an ulterior motive!

Sagittarius: The opening of all channels of communication is the current prerogative of nimble Jupiter coupled with an ebullient Mercury. What comes next is what you do best, as you both create and direct the changes needed in a relationship shuffle. There is give and take and someone has to get their come-uppance into the bargain anytime soon.

Capricorn: Various planets transit through Capricorn throughout the year, activating Earth energy and promoting change as a challenge. Saturn opposes the Sun this week which brings negativity into a plan that seemed to be just plain sailing but will be all the better for your avid attention and honest and reliable intervention when the time is right!

Aquarius: Beware! There is more than meets the eye in a simple request that appears to be quite innocent. Your focus this week is mainly on a domestic project, which, though it may highlight that you have bitten off more than you can chew, will pay dividends and get you in the mood for further works. Ceres and Pluto combine to showcase your talents!

Pisces: With both Neptune squaring with Mercury and the Sun in opposition to Saturn, let there be no more delay in your plans. Something has to go right now and your decision will greatly affect the future, so take steps to bring things nicely together and make a deal. This week is all about some co-ordination and compromise as you fix the right deal!

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