Horoscopes – 23 June 2017


IF it’s your birthday this week: Financially it is time to take that gamble this week! Lay any groundwork that brings you stability, and allows you to get to where you need to be on an economical level by daring to boost your income!

Aries: As Mars trines Neptune there comes a distinctly psychic side to your actions since someone is in danger and you will be the person to warn them this week! Your strong perceptive energies see you quick off the mark to restore balance and equilibrium back, even though this involves outmanoeuvering those who are interfering with the truth.

Taurus: Venus focusses on two actions this week as both Pluto and Saturn trine with the Goddess of Love in turn. Pluto emphasises on the depth of family love and tender care, whilst Saturn goes all out for business. Saturn rules Aquarius whilst Venus rules Libra; where Saturn is exalted. This week is all about justice and fairplay amidst loyalty!

Gemini: The Mercury square on Jupiter heralds that your ideas may be rather wonderful, but that you also have to be practical to be of any use right now. However well intentioned you may be, common sense will have to prevail, and be careful who you trust right now. Saying the wrong thing to the wrong person would not be the way ahead!

Cancer: Mercury’s entry into your sign has speeded things up when it is possible you wanted to slow down. No worries! What affects you and the people immediately around you is what matters most right now. Have less global awareness and concentrate your energies on your inner emotions which are guiding you on nicely, and certainly in the right direction.

Leo: That rather wonderful maverick energy is all around you right now. You have to admit that you do your very best work under pressure, and you love to get it right before you put your name to it. Mercury is in Gemini at the start of the week and it is a great time for financial or business ventures. Venus tops your solar chart too… so romance takes a step up.

Virgo: A good time to set your sights on long term goals or your career as there is a lot of activity right now and there comes a time to get things moving on anything that involves self learning and education. The New Moon on the 23rd will boost anything that you have started, but may not have finished, and there are some inspiring results to be found!

Libra: Be careful what you say right now, you may live to regret to saying yes when no has to be the right answer. This time is the right time to take things further, however, and be very unafraid to ask for the support you may need to back you to the hilt! Have the courage of your conviction, believe more in yourself, go for gold, it’s what you want and deserve!

Scorpio: Trial and error comes along right now! You are beginning to attract the right people into your life at last. Taking charge of a project will bring you rewards when you least expect them, and you are more interested in developing your talents rather than being productive. Don’t be in a hurry, but leave any major decision until after the New Moon

Sagittarius: Whilst the Sun and Mercury converge this week it will greatly influence your own personal energies. You are waiting for answers but also with these comes the opportunity to take on a deeper more fulfilling relationship or venture. It’s not selfish to want the best, for you and those whom you love, above all you deserve it now, more than ever.

Capricorn: Things are changing around you, and you would do best to tune into the feelings of others before they feel that they have to pressure you in any way. Someone is afraid that they have been misunderstood and once this is settled once and for all it leaves you stepping up to a very busy time of your life. Ceres opposes Saturn and sextiles with Kora!

Aquarius: Focus on clearing out some of the clutter of your life in a significant way. Your mind may be saying yes to things that your heart has yet to process. For you the New Moon on the 23rd brings a new balance to work, rest and play and this is welcome as a significant improvement to your lifestyle. Make peace with yourself and lighten up! Now!

Pisces: A Venus and Mars aspect brings you to an increased motivation to restore and nurture whilst being both safe and sound. While Jupiter directs this month, your trusty leader, Neptune retrogrades; so you will see yourself winding up to slow down; but you have to! Make a dream plan more do-able, but do, do it! Improvement comes, but through toil!

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