Horoscopes – 2 June 2017


IF IT’S your birthday this week: Things do not have to be complicated to be worthwhile. You have in front of you a set of stepping stones and your journey to pastures green means taking the temerity to cross over to where your happiness truly is this astrological year!

Aries: Ceres squares on Saturn, and all that has held you back just lately seems to be instantly forgettable since the truth has finally been told. Saturn is delaying and calculating whilst the energy of Ceres is to regulate and normalise. It’s great that you held out, but as for the apologies that you are due…well you may have to wait for those to come along!

Taurus: Venus enters into your sign midweek, bringing you the love and understanding you need to move on! Now you have made a decision it is natural that you need the comfort that someone is going to take good care of you. Though this may be someone to watch over you, it is clear that channels of communication previously closed are now open for you.

Gemini: In your opposing sign of Sagittarius there seems to be a lot going on, so this week’s entry of Mercury is a focus for you, and should be an encouragement to get things done and dusted. You seem to be in the right place at the right time for a change, so use the luck of Jupiter to get things going your way and everything should now fall into place.

Cancer: The waxing Moon seems to be reflecting your current mood, just as Mars enters into the fray this weekend. This suggests a clash with authority, and the start of a fight for your rights. See to it that you have detailed records of that proof you need now, and set things in motion with a view to fight your corner and accept absolutely no liability this time.

Leo: A double action of the Sun brings a bittersweet energy into play. The squaring of Neptune heralds the start of the week followed by a conjunction of Ceres; with each bringing a different set of values into the equation right now. Love and finance often do not mix, so work at a compromise and keep a clear head so that , above all, you get all of your sums right.

Virgo: With all the very best of intentions in the World there is always someone who manages to get hold of the wrong end of the stick; and someone has taken offence when none was meant. Mercury is in Gemini and there are always possibilities that the outcome could take things either way. Stick to your guns, be frank, cards out there on the table!

Libra: The Venus ingres in your sister planet of Taurus brings up a nostalgia that may affect greatly your most recent decision. It is quite clear that whilst somebody has been economical with the truth, the facts remain and are an indication of the changes that now have to be made. What’s chiefly needed is a clean sweep and a fresh start for all.

Scorpio: Venus conjuncts Uranus and you are about to break a golden rule not to get involved in family politics. Somebody has become very manipulating, and whilst Uranus is a planet of forward thinking, Venus likes to see love and light from all angles. Do not be led down the garden path when other solutions would favour everyone involved!

Sagittarius: Make hay whilst the sun shines this week, as you get the green light that you have been waiting for. Your patience should be rewarded, but you have also seen that, just lately, others have not supported you when you needed
their input. The Sun trines on Jupiter midweek and illuminates an escape route that may bring you just desserts.

Capricorn: Mercury indicates strongly the need to start to say what you mean and mean what you say. Silence has been a defence that you hid behind, but now things appear to be out in the open, it is time to voice your opinion. Saturn extends a chance to dig more deeply, but be warned that what you unearth is something you will have to live with!

Aquarius: Balance your life so that you get the rest and relaxation that you deserve right now. The Venus conjunction with Uranus heralds a week in which you receive a lot of love and tender care from those who are concerned for you. Their good intentions, however, cannot compensate you for your current output, nor will they protect you from vulnerabilities.

Pisces: Many changes this week as minor irritating things have to be dealt with, and time is of the essence. Ceres calls time on Neptune and has a view to establishing clear cut solutions, when you have adapted a wait and see policy. When a request appears to be innocent, know that there is more in this than meets the eye, and just say no!

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