Horoscopes – 16 June 2017


IF IT’S your birthday this week: Much appears to be on hold due to dramatic changes all across the Cosmos. You would be advised to take advantage when an opening comes your way, as clearly, nothing ventured right now is nothing gained!

Aries: Mercury opposes Saturn and you are immediately on the defensive, probably because you feel that you have to be! For some reason, best known to you, you are looking at the dark side of things; and this can stop you recognising a good opportunity when it comes along. Drop the rigidity and be free, keep your mind both open and ready to play your part.

Taurus: Your creativity and imagination are stimulated this week to the point whereby you are spiritually uplifting in your energies; offering compassion and forgiveness to those who have strayed somewhat from your pathway. Seeking balance and solution you are about to make changes in your life, as a new friendship blossoms into something rather wonderful!

Gemini: You are inspired to take matters further right now, and yet you are still in two minds how this will work in the present climate. In hindsight you would never have got involved in something that burdens you, but you get the green light this week as Mercury sextiles Uranus. Just avoid a situation whereby your sound reasonings are questioned.

Cancer: The Sun enters Cancerian territory in distinct opposition to Saturn, early this week. This brings delays and difficulties in friendship and romance to the fore. Priorities will be swept aside whilst you are forced to focus on your other responsibilities; which have come about because others are not playing their part and are now sapping your energies.

Leo: A time to act. The Sun conjuncts with a combust Mercury which brings invincible elements of solar energy into dominant play this week. The power of your thoughts will see you through, especially as these thoughts will be the basis for a new reality, in which you now feature to avoid breakdown and burn out happening, at all costs!

Virgo: Do not give up on something, because you are so close to completion. It doesn’t matter that somebody has moved the goal posts because you can still score the goal when you have to. Mercury’s action with Pluto allows for a temporary glitch, which serves to give you the time you need to be sure of the success that you both deserve and need!

Libra: Dump any passive intentions right now in favour of the aspects in your opposite sign of active Aries. Aries, as a Fire sign, is physical and achieving whereas Libra relies on being an Air sign, always resorting to intellectualism to resolve any problems that come along. What’s needed now is a softly, softly approach, forthright, direct and enthusiastic!

Scorpio: Venus and Jupiter are in cahoots mid week and their inspiring energies bring resolve in a situation of the heart which begs to go out of control right now! The Ninth House of Jupiter is a highly productive energy, whilst Venus is exalted in Pisces, where Jupiter rules. This week sees a cooling off energy acting to finally smooth over things!

Sagittarius: For sure your fiery energies have done much damage as you have acted impulsively, and without realising, have upset people. Try to use your admirable skills of tact and inspiration to retract the argumentative energies which caused you to flip. Though you may hate to have to take things more seriously, nip things in the bud, laugh it off!

Capricorn: Feeling the vibration of the forthcoming Retrograde of Neptune in Pisces, you would be wise not to make any ongoing plans right now, because they will have to be changed in the light of current Cosmic intervention. The times they are a changing! Use your time to have a good look back at something which seems to be taking up your energy.

Aquarius: Mercury brings Ceres into play, and there is a need to establish a new routine, since the current one cannot be allowed to continue. You are restless and appear lost, but when there isn’t time to think that’s when problems come along! Say no to a request which has an ulterior motive and take time for yourself, you need some rest and relaxation.

Pisces: The Neptune Retrograde kicks off in Pisces at the start of the week. The fall out may affect you in more ways than one, but it is a temporary state, and one that you could very well put to good use. Be warned not to sign any important documents, and leave any decisions until next week when you will feel fresh and renewed and ready!

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