Horoscopes – 30 June 2017


IF IT’S your birthday this week: Use your exceptional emotional abilities to steer things in another direction. Take advantage of a loophole and let others know that you are out there and not to be messed with! The Cosmos will reward you!

Aries: A job worth doing is worth doing well, but I wonder how many people know how hard you are working and just what it entails to stay on top. Mars is in opposition to Pluto this week which mixes personal desires and actions by Mars against the spiritual side of things with Pluto. Expect changes all along the line, so keep your feet on the ground.

Taurus: Keeping a secret is just what you have to do right now, though it isn’t by choice in any way! Someone has got hold of the wrong end of the stick and so is being abrupt and harsh without knowing the truth of the matter right now. See what others are saying about recent events and then guide your response to satisfy the curiosity they are prioritising on.

Gemini: Venus enters and saves the day with the loving attention that only tender love and care can bring. You have been very hard on yourself as late, and this was the drive you needed at the time; but now things are showing signs of solution, and you can take that back seat. Allow others to see you as someone who cares deeply, but is nobody’s fool too!

Cancer: Moon magic allows you to make tentative plans for your bucket list. There is so much you know you have to do before you are ready to move on. Have fun knowing that you did what you did because you had to, and because somebody had to take control. Beware of others who are waiting your next move, but who may not be featuring in the main event!

Leo: You are ready to turn that strong and stubborn will into the realm of new experience right now, for your benefit and those who work alongside you. Experiment with what needs to come next, and then own your space, because above all, you deserve it! Whilst a clearer way ahead is the main aim, see to it that others toe the line whilst you champion on!

Virgo: With Mercury in Leo and squaring up to Uranus there comes along a double whammy which you will be able to turn to your advantage. Somebody isn’t playing ball and won’t take your advice right now. Time to think on your feet as a snap decision is the only way to deal with this unfair fight between a grossly inflated ego and sheer obstinacy!

Libra: Venus is ensconced in Gemini and doing sterling work as usual. Mercury squares on Uranus and the cat is amongst the pigeons this week as there seems to be a fight for your affections going on. Be warned that not everybody can be happy and be prepared to nip something very nasty in the bud before untold and unwarranted damages are done.

Scorpio: With both your planetary leaders in action this week unfortunately Mars and Pluto are in distinct opposition. Whatever transpires this week it will not be of your bidding, although you may need to go on with it just for a while. When people are abusing power you may be taking one step forwards and two back, but you are avoiding any conflicts!

Sagittarius: The Sun squares on Jupiter, and beware that somebody appears to be in a great hurry to get their goal, and that this would be achieved better with better discipline and a bit of forethought. Strike out against such foolish optimism and the ill-gotten gains of others who are simply fuelling their egos, and certainly doing nobody any favours.

Capricorn: Saturn colludes with Mercury to ensure that an avenue of communication is left open for the benefit of all concerned. Things should never have ever got to this sorry state, but needs must when the Devil drives! In hindsight you should never have got involved, but then it wasn’t you who decided to change the goalposts this time around either!

Aquarius: Something has got to give as what is good for the goose is good for the gander too. Take a long hard look at your position and have pride to say that you did what you could, but alone it could never be enough. Now it is high time for somebody close to put their hand well and truly into their pockets and stump up for those unexpected expenses!

Pisces: Jupiter has influence sublime over Neptune as they tryst midweek. Empowering and generous as a benefactor, Jupiter has kept quiet for too long, and Neptune is stalling for time to ensure that your happiness is not occluded in any way whatsoever. Time was when you had to hold back, but now do what you have to do is put all your cards on the table!

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