How to get the Pride rainbow flag reaction on Facebook


FACEBOOK HAS added a new rainbow flag reaction to its social network for a limited time so users can celebrate Pride month.

The flag, which has been a symbol of the LGBT community since 1978, joins the thumbs up and heart signs as well as excited, shocked, sad and angry emoji as a way to react on Facebook. But Facebook’s addition isn’t immediately available to all users – the rainbow flag reaction will only appear as an option for users if they like Facebook’s LGBTQ page.

How to get the rainbow flag reaction:

1. Log in to Facebook in the app or on the web

2. Go to the [email protected] page

3. Like the page

4. You might need to log out and log back in again before the reaction appears

The page is the ‘official LQBTQ resource page for Facebook’ and was set up in 2008. It has 14.1 million likes and shares news and information regarding LGBTQ rights and events. As well as the flag reaction, Facebook has added a new banner that users can place on their profile pictures.

How to add the banner:

1. Log in to your Facebook account

2. Go to

3. Select the Pride banner you’d like to add and the time you’d like to have it for

4. Click “Use as Profile Picture”

Google is also celebrating Pride month with the addition of the rainbow flag on LGBTQ-related searches.

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