Ivanka gets in a trump over Italian football legend


DONALD TRUMP’S daughter mistook a large photo of Italian football star Georgio Chinaglia on the wall of a restaurant in Rome, for a saint.

Ivanka Trump, the former model and presidential adviser, dining with her husband, Jared Kushner, at Le Cave di Sant’Ignazio on Tuesday night when she spotted a picture of former Lazio star Giorgio Chinaglia – standing on a pitch, his arms stretched out to the heavens – and asked: “Which saint is that?”

The large photograph of Chinaglia was nestled between a crucifix and a picture of Padre Pio, a saint who is revered in Rome.

Chinaglia died of a heart attack in 2012 at the age of 65. The Italian striker was loved not only in Italy but also in the US, where he played alongside Pelé and Franz Beckenbauer in the North American Soccer League.

“We explained to her that it was not a saint but a great Lazio player,” Luigina Pantalone, one of the restaurant owners, told Ansa. The episode was confirmed by the Guardian.

“It was an honour to serve such a figure in our restaurant,” Pantalone added.

Any embarrassment did not last long. The couple’s party reportedly feasted on bruschette and cacio e pepe – a typical Roman pasta dish made with pecorino cheese – as well as ravioli, gnocchi and grilled shrimp.

Stick to presidential advice Ivanka.

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