Je t’aime Benidorm


A PROMINENT French Youtube and Instagram vlogger with half a million followers recently spent a few days enjoying the bright lights and sandy beaches of Benidorm, courtesy of the local tourist office.

Lea Camilleri’s trip was arranged by the Visit Benidorm Tourist Association, who guided the French youtuber around the town, showing her the great opportunities Benidorm offers, with particular emphasis on sporting activities, a rich cuisine and it’s unique nature and sustainability.

The 30 year old vlogger, accompanied by her official photographer, visited numerous locations such as the famous Mirador de Benidorm and isla de Benidorm, recording her opinions and experiences along the way.

During her visit she created 21 posts which accumulated a total of 150,000 likes on social media, an exposure which would equate to a spend of 60,000 euros in normal advertising vehicles.

Visit Benidorm has reaffirmed it’s commitment to promoting the city through infuencers on social media, convinced by evidence that the strategy is the line to follow for future promotion campaigns.

Professor Jose Maria Fábregas, director of the UPF of Barcelona School of Management, who advises the association said,
“Brands have many difficulties to be credible in their messages, and an influencer will help them win credibility because if you follow someone, you believe their message and views, therefore if you receive information from them you are likely to follow their recommendations.”

Following this strategy, during May this year, Visit Benidorm brought a total of 19 influencers from 3 different countries to visit the resort, reaching more than 1.2 million people in social networks and generating an economic impact of 323,000 euros.

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