Keep your wine cool without ice


WITH THE summer evenings upon us the temptation to uncork an after work bottle of wine gets ever stronger, but then the other dilemma faces us …… How do we keep the wine cool?

Adding ice cubes is one idea and that’s ok if you want to dilute the taste, but what about if you want to keep the wine’s original flavoUr.

To avoid this, wine experts recommend adding frozen grapes to your glass to instantly cool down the contents.

Simply put a bunch of grapes in the freezer, then add to your wine as you sip away and voilà, your beverage will remain cooled to the perfect temperature.

This rather nifty little trick has been doing the rounds again this week, most likely due to the recent burst of warm weather.

Better still it works works well with both red and white and rose wines and any grapes work well for the task, red, white, pitted or seedless.

No one drinks red wine warm in summer and they are often served too warm, the phrase ‘drink at room temperature’ is centuries old and derives from a time when houses were colder.

The majority of Spanish bars and cafes serve their reds chilled from June until September, meaning you have to ask the waiter for ‘temperano’, or room temperature, if you not a fan of chilled wine.

Ice is fine, but it dilutes the wine, and nobody wants that. Frozen grapes keep their frozen juice inside the grape, so there is very little dilution or flavour transfer taking place.

The trick to gettting an instant chill is to drop a few frozen grapes (two or three) into the glass, then swirl the glass around, you’ll be surprised to find the effects are almost immediate.

Of course, you could just use a wine sleeve cool your entire bottle, but this idea is a lot more fun and what’s more, you’ll be able to eat some fruity nibbles afterwards.

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