Forest fire narrowly averted as kids play with firecrackers


TWO CHILDREN playing with firecrackers on Wednesday evening almost caused a major forest fire in the grounds of the San Fernando castle in Alicante.

A 250 square metre piece of scrubland caught alight after a spark from one of the boys firecrackers caught some dry vegetation.

Two firetrucks and nine firefighters from the Alicante division, were called to the fire, which occurred around 18.00h and were able to extinguish the flames quickly.

Local police officers were called to interview and take statements from the two children, who admitted they had been playing with firecrackers in the nearby vicinity.

The current drought and accompanying heatwave have forced fire authorities to warn against using incendiary products such as firecrackers and fireworks, except at organised events where appropriate safety measures are taken.

The level 3 forest fire warning has banned any burning of agricultural debris throughout the region, even on days when permits have already been granted.



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