Lizard survives Spain – UK flight hiding inside broccoli


STAFF AT an Asda store in Lanarkshire were shocked when they opened a vegetable delivery recently.

Upon opening the crate – from Spain – colleagues found an Iberian wall lizard hiding inside the broccoli.

The lizard, who has now been named Brock, was alive and well although severely dehydrated.

Brock was retrieved from the store by animal welfare officers who are now nursing him back to health.

Fiona Henderson, from the Scottish SPCA, told the English press: ‘The poor wee guy was dehydrated but otherwise unharmed from his adventures.’

‘As he’s not a native reptile. Brock couldn’t be rehomed like our normal rescues. In this case, he’s gone to live in a multi-habitat vivarium at the Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue centre with reptile expert Nick Martin.’

‘The vivarium is designed to mimic Brock’s habitat as closely as possible and it seems he’s settled in perfectly well despite his broccoli ordeal.’

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