London terror attack: Spanish ‘skateboard hero’ Ignacio Echeverria confirmed dead


IGNACIO ECHEVERRIA, the 39-year-old Spanish lawyer believed to have been killed in Saturday’s terror attack in London has been confirmed dead after his family suffered an agonising wait for news from the British authorities.

Isabel Echeverria, Mr Echeverria’s sister, wrote on Facebook: ‘Hello everyone, the Echeverría Miralles de Imperial family wants to thank the consulate, embassy, ministries, the president and all of the Spanish government and Spanish police, HSBC, Iberia, the family, friends (especially Guille and Javi who were there), friends of the family and people we don’t know that have helped search for my brother and supported us. And to the press and all the Spanish people that have been with us at all times and the people in London who have supported us. My brother Ignacio tried to stop the terrorists, and lost his life trying to save others. Igna, we love you and will never forget you.’

The Spanish Government paid tribute to the bravery of Mr Echeverria, who fought terrorists off with his skateboard: ‘With deep sadness and dismay, the government has received confirmation from the British authorities that Ignacio Echeverria is among the fatal victims of the cruel terrorist attacks on London last Saturday.’

‘The government wishes to convey to his relatives and friends that they are not alone in their pain, and that, today, Spain is with them, sharing their feelings and desolation and joined with them in this terrible moment.’

‘The exemplary attitude shown by Ignacio Echeverria during the attacks is a demonstration of solidarity for all to see. His bravery in defending a helpless person serves as a reminder of the need to remain united before the scourge of terrorism, facing up to those whose only language is one of violence and terror. The government believes strongly that unity among democrats can overcome many challenges, including terrorist madness.’

Mr Echeverria worked for HSBC and was a keen skateboarder.

He was on his way home on Saturday night having been skateboarding with friends when he stumbled across the terror attack at Borough Market.

As he saw the terrorists stabbing a defenceless woman, he ran to her aid and attempted to fight the terrorists off with his skateboard when he was killed.

Guillermo, a friend of Mr Echeverria who had been skateboarding with him told Telecinco: ‘It looked like there was a fight ahead of us, what appeared to be a very angry man was beating up a girl. In a flash, Ignacio was there, trying to protect the woman and hitting out at all the guys there, the terrorists. A skateboard against a knife wielded by three or four guys is going to get you killed. You have to have a lot of courage.’

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