Man arrested for raping 13-year-old in Sangonera la Verde


A 22-YEAR-OLD Ecuadorian/ Spanish man was arrested last week for raping a 13-year-old girl in Sangonera la Verde.

The detainee and the victim met through Instagram and Facebook about a month ago.

They recently agreed to meet and the detainee went to the victim’s house when her parents were out.

At the victim’s house, the detainee raped her, leaving her in severe pain and bleeding heavily.

The victim’s parents returned and took her to the Hospital Virgen of La Arrixaca, none the wiser to what had happened.

The victim was operated on for an internal tear and doctors alerted the parents to what had happened, also calling for forensic examination and attendance of the Guardia Civil.

Officers of the Guardia Civil went to the victim’s house to collect biological samples in order to arrest the rapist.

Searching for the rapist, officers were unable to find him at any known address, nor were any of his relatives located in Spain. He was finally found in the San Andres bus station in Murcia, where he was arrested.

The rapist was held in custody and officers found that he had already been arrested for sexually assaulting his girlfriend approximately three years ago and has a criminal record for crimes of threat and coercion.

The rapist is also charged with theft after he stole cash from his victim’s home.

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