Man sent to prison without bail in Torrevieja on paedophilia charges


A 52-YEAR-OLD homeless Portugese man was arrested in Torrevieja earlier this week on paedophilia charges.

The perpetrator was brought to the attention of the Guardia Civil as they received a complaint from a member of the public who reported that he caught the man – who slept outside an ATM in the city – showing a 12-year-old boy videos of a paedophilic nature whilst touching himself intimately.

Officers immediately focused on finding the victim and his parents and a day later, the victim when questioned told them that the perpetrator had shown him three pornographic videos involving young children.

The victim also told officers that the perpetrator had offered his 13-year-old brother €10 in exchange for oral sex, which his brother later confirmed.

Officers located the perpetrator and arrested him for offences of child corruption, possession of child pornography, possession of files containing paedophilic content and theft.

They seized his electronic devices – 1 mobile phone and 3 tablets.

He was sent to prison and awaits trial.

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