Men who hid cocaine in bags of rice arrested in Benissa

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FOUR SPANISH men who hid cocaine in bags of rice were arrested last week as the Guardia Civil busted a drug trafficking operation in Benissa.

The men, aged 53, 50, 48 and 37 were part of an organised group whereby one was the wholesaler, another was the small-scale supplier, another was working their ‘public relations’ and another sold the drug at street-level.

The investigation was initiated in February after officers detected an increase in the sale of drugs across Benissa.

Having gathered enough evidence, officers entered two houses – one owned by the wholesaler and the other owned by the small-scale supplier.

In the first house, they found a fridge filled with bags of rice. Amongst the bags of rice – popularly used as a drying agent – was a 56.2-gram rock of pure cocaine and other weighing 35.2 grams.

Officers also found 38 bags of cocaine – distributed in doses of one gram and 0.5 grams, four grams of hashish, materials for distribution (scales, bags and wire) and €1,717 in cash.

In the second house, they found one 30.1-gram rock of pure cocaine, 59 grams of marijuana, three marijuana plants, materials for distribution and several mobile phones and computers.

The small-scale supplier also had a gram of cocaine in his pocket ready for sale.

The two home owners were detained by the Guardia Civil and the other two men were released on bail.

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