Money for new council cars


MIJAS Council has spent over a quarter of a million euros replacing part of its operational services car fleet.

The investment has allowed the council to buy 15 new cars, the first two of which were delivered safely this week.

Jose Carlos Martin, Councillor for Operative Services, and Nuria Rodriguez, Councillor for Parks, took receipt of the two SUVs , which are replacing the council’s old vehicles, which had now become obsolete. These first two cars alone cost €33,000.

According to Martin, “we will continue to upgrade the fleet as much as we can because newer cars ensure greater security and efficiency for our workers.”

Rodriguez added the council was responsible for 147 square kilometres of land, incorporating both beach and forest areas, and the council needs the appropriate vehicles to cover this ground. She explained, “we realised many of our vehicles were very old. For the comfort and safety of our workers we will replace them.”

The investment was made through State Central Purchasing, a mechanism the council has recently signed up to, which “sets us apart, allowing us to reduce costs, as the tender is put out nationally, allowing us to recruit from a larger area,” according to Martin.

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