Moroccan roll… to Spain


THE OLD saying that travel broadens the mind is never more true than when it comes to the subject of home interiors and gardens.

How many times have you sat in a holiday home, guest house, beach café, restaurant or on a tranquil patio in a far away place and wondered whether you could create a theme amazing look at home.

In most cases, the answer is no, as generally there is a time and place for everything, so what looks fabulous in a Greek island taverna does not necessarily look quite the same in a semi detatched house outside Dagenham.

One of the few trends that does look good anywhere is a Moroccan influenced theme, with its rich range of natural colours, spiked with bright colourful splashes of vibrancy and colour.

Bold, jewel colours, geometric patterns and lantern-style lights are just some of the features found in Moroccan interior design.

Admired by many, this style is influenced and shaped by cultural traditions and history, and it creates a look that is both warm and welcoming, yet luxurious and exotic and ideal for summer and winter in Spain.

But just how do we recreate this much-loved style in our home and outside space from day to night?

To achieve the layered Moroccan oasis look in your home, go for exotic colour combinations mixed with textured pattern and an array of atmospheric lighting.

Think of the richly coloured spice stands in the souks when choosing your palette and don’t be afraid to embrace clashing bright tones, the more opulent colour the better.

You can always tone down the vivid accents with accompanying neutrals to soften the look.
Diverse textures and layers of soft furnishings are typical to the casual luxury created in a Moroccan inspired interior.

Soft and tactile chenille fabrics are perfect for achieving sumptuous lounging comfort, with the finer details often introduce the luxurious edge; adding tassels, contrasting buttoning and piping as well as hints of pattern are all great ways to achieve the look and really capture the atmosphere of the traditional Riads.

Create the distinctive low levels of lighting with a collection of lanterns and tea lights all lit by delicate candlelight.

With interiors that perfect the harmony of inside and outside living, choosing a fabric such as the Jewel collection allows you to utterly transform your outside space into a Moroccan paradise.

Equally suited to withstand the elements outdoors or live inside, the delicate chenille fabric is ideal for introducing the trend anywhere in your home!

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