Andalucian musical delights


THE ANDALUCIAN MUSICAL ASSOCIATION has carried out its first every orchestral meeting in Fuengirola.

The event saw young musicians from the Youth Orchestra Promusica de Malaga and the Young Orchestra AMA perform in the town’s fairground.

Rodrigo Romero, Councillor for Culture, explained, “The Andalusian Music Association (AMA) is based in Fuengirola, was born in the Andalusian school and is growing stronger, and has achieved several milestones in a short time,” adding, “during the day there were other music-related activities.”

Antonio Criado, the AMA’s president, said, “when we created the association five years ago, one of our objectives was to offer all kinds of music to society in general. We started with a symphonic band and the idea was to create a youth orchestra, as there are very few in the Andalucia, giving young performers a place to develop their art.”

He added, “last year we managed to start our young orchestra and today we have about 35 or 40 members.”

Performances by the Promusica orchestra included Pachelbel’s canon, Vilvadi’s Spring concerto, Haendel’s Sarabanda, as well as instrumental pieces from films Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and Indiana Jones.

The AMA orchestra, under the direction of Francisco Jose Fernandez Arevalo included the first movement of Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony, The second movement of Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony, The fourth movement of Brahm’s first Symphony and Louis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world.”

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