Nearly half of Brits have made a best friend through social media


RESEARCH HAS found that Brits have an average of between 100- 200 social media followers, yet only 3-5 who they would consider ‘close’ friends offline.

The research also found that despite the continued dominance of social media, what we all really yearn for is quality face to face time with our friends and when asked about their preferred means of communication with friends, 69 per cent opted for catching up in person rather than via social media (11 per cent), group chats (8 per cent), text message (8 per cent) or a phone call (3 per cent).

As encouraging as it may seem to hear how traditional means of nurturing friendships and relationships haven’t been forgotten altogether, social media appears to be playing a significant role in the way that we form some friendships in the first place. Over half of Brits (54 per cent) claim to have met up with someone they originally met on social media and 44 per cent say they made a new best friend thanks to their online networks.

Social media is also proving to be a necessary source of confidence for many given that 23 per cent admit that it takes just 10-25 likes to make us feel valued by our online friends and 60 per cent also stating that getting likes helps to boost their confidence.

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