Oliva U3A welcomes new committee


ON THURSDAY May 25, Oliva U3A held their Annual General Meeting at the Polivalent in Oliva.

The AGM was opened by President John Melville, who welcomed 75 members before the U3A Choir gave a short performance.

The AGM resumed with the presentation of the last years minutes, which were passed unanimously.

John gave the assembly an update on the year’s activities, reporting that membership was going from strength to strength and now stood at 534 member.

John also reported that there are now 42 groups running at part of the Oliva U3A.

John paid tribute to two committee members stepping down from their roles – Rosa Jones as Groups Co-ordinator and Alan Robinson asTravel Co-ordinator – before thanking all of the committee for their hard work throughout the year.

Following the presentation of the accounts, it was time for the election of the new management committee. As John was not standing for re-election as President, a new President needed to be elected along with the officers and general committee members.

Secretary Mike Dunkley advised the meeting that he had received no contested positions, following this all nominees were accepted unanimously by the assembled membership:

President – Mick Goy
Vice President – Guy Stratford
Mike Dunkley – Secretary
Treasurer – Robbie Gordon
Membership secretaries – Ron Colcombe, Peta Cole and John Melville
Travel co-ordinator – Anja Homberg
Group co-ordinator – John Flannigan
Webmaster – David McFarlane

The new President Mick Goy introduced each member of the new committee individually to the membership, before closing the AGM and wishing everyone a safe journey home.


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