Orihuela Plaza de Toros rides again


ORIHUELA’S CRUMBLING bull ring will be converted into a multipurpose space for leisure activities and shows with a capacity for 2,800 people.

Earlier this week Orihuela municipal council rubber stamped plans for the redevelopment of the derelict Plaza de Toros in the town.

The ambitious project , costing in the region of 405,000 euros, will create a multipurpose cultural and entertainment venue, capable of seating up to 2,800 people in comfort.

Launching the bids for tender, Mayor Emilio Bascanuna explained that as the work is considered to be a work of public interest, IVA will only be levied at 10% instead of the expected 21%.

He told the Spanish press that the tender process should take approximately three months and once the construction company is chosen work will commence forthwith.

The current shell of the building has deteriorated greatly in many places therefore the plans will include a reduction in height from 5.8 metres to 3.8 metres, whilst keeping some of the more distinctive elements of the façade.

Much of the interior will be remodeled with only the first ring of original stairs in the plaza remaining, as the other two circles of stairs were considered to be too damaged.

The new tiers will have seating capacity for 1,600 people, whilst when necessary, an extra 1200 chairs can be installed in the space that was previously destined for the arena.

The finished 2800 seater development will also include green areas around the exterior, a cafeteria service, public toilets and a small museum that will house memorabilia and commemorate the history of bullfighting in the area.

The project, which sits on a site with a perimeter of 7,500 square metres, is expected to be complete by spring of 2018.

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