Biological pest control in Fuengirola


FUENGIROLA’S Council has applied biological pesticides to over 17,000 trees and 425,000 square metres of green areas in a move to avoid altering ecosystems.

The Councillor for Environment and Green Spaces, Maria Jesus Pascual, said the treatment will kill the various pests affecting the town’s vegetation without using any chemicals.

She explained, “we forget trees are living beings and have their own processes and rhythms which can sometimes even be annoying but I would like to remind everyone how important they are for purifying the air, retaining pollutants, producing oxygen… and also providing shade in the summer.”

She added, “I think everyone has seen the green zone operators go through the different areas of Fuengirola depositing small boxes in the trees which have insects; this is called biological pest control of pests.” She explained the process involved using beneficial insects to kill off harmful ones.

She explained, “harmful insects cause leaf diseases or, in the case of jacarandas, create a brown sticky substance, a kind of resin, that stains the ground and people complain, but the jacarandas are treated and what people see now in the street are the flowers dropping, which they do between spring and summer.”

She added, “for each treatment 50,000 insects were release, housed in the small boxes perched in the trees,” saying, “by not using toxic products, the worker carrying out the treatment is not at risk, residents are not inconvenienced and it is cheaper and respects the environment while preventing the disproportionate growth of insect populations.”

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