Beach Boys headline Fuengirola’s annual Pop Weekend


THE BEACH BOYS are set to headline Fuengirola’s tenth annual Pop Weekend from 22 to 25 June.

Fifteen bands including La Casa Azul and Paul Collins will fill three locations around the town with some of the best pop music, at Sohail Castle, Pogs Irish Bar and Hotel Las Palmeras.

Councillor for Culture, Rodrigo Romero, explained, “the weekend of June 24 and 25 is going to be a brilliant, not only because the Noche en Blanco de San Juan takes place the day before across the town’s bars but also because on Saturday the 24th we are hosting legendary band The Beach Boys, who have been playing all over the world for over 50 years, have featured in many films and soundtracks and have produced some very impressive music.”

He continued, “their 1966 Pet Sounds record, which is the main focus of their tour this year, was the best record of that year and John Lennon himself called it a true masterpiece in a letter he sent Brian Wilson. It is an absolute work of art and the songs are an insight into the generation. The music of the Beach Boys is the music of California and surfing … it’s the optimistic voice of the 60’s and above all, their vocal ensembles and what they managed to do with their voices, is something that has not yet been equalled.”

He added, “after The Beach Boys’ performance, the festival continues on Sunday with a weekend of pop rock, indie, retro and fresh sounds with performances from more groups, including Spanish band La Casa Azul, which is very popular and serves up a unique style of music,” explaining, “if the Fuengirola Pop Weekend is famous for anything it is that is brings together different types of bands who perform great set lists.”

On Thursday 22 in Pogs Irish Bar local band, The Silver Beats, will perform a tribute The Beatles and then on Friday five bands will perform in the same bar. While on Saturday 24 the festival will continue in Pogs from 4pm hours with three groups, ending with Paul Collins, a familiar name on the Fuengirola music scene.

The highlight of the event comes on 24 June with a concert by The Beach Boys at Sohail Castle, while the venue will host four further bands the next day from 9pm, ending with an all-night DJ session at Las Palmeras hotel.

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