Protecting the planet for World Environment Day


OVER 200 schoolchildren have taken part in activities organised to commemorate World Environment Day.

The Councillor for Infrastructures and Tourism, Ana Velasco, explained “this year the activities revolve around the marine environment and beaches, and we have worked with Aula del Mar de Malaga to do this.”

The activities, which took place on La Rada Beach, included children carrying out experiments with sea water and sand, learning about water cycles and the effects of climate change on shells and why a boat floats on water.

Students also learnt about how sea turtles travel through an exhibition and also how to give first aid to the creatures, as well as other marine animals.

The day gathered students from primary schools Maria Espinosa, Antonio Machado, Garcia Lorca, Sierra Bermeja and Simon Fernandez who were divided into groups and taught how to support sea life across Andalucia’s various coastal habitats.

The event’s organisers say they not only wanted to commemorate World Environment Day, but also raise awareness of repecting the environment and taking measures to care for various ecosystems from a young age.

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