Richard ‘old hat’?


A BENIDORM bar advertising work for good looking barmaids without jealous boyfriends, has been forced to withdraw their posts on facebook and Instagram after a storm of protests from offended readers complaining about its sexist language.

The bar and discotheque in the heart of the Levante beachfront entertainment zone, posted the job adverts earlier this week, but withdrew them after less than two days.

“We’re looking for girls, 18 years plus, good-looking and with good physique, lots of experience making drinks and good with people. Responsible and single. We don’t want boyfriends sick with jealously hanging around at 5am waiting to take you home, much less in the bar trying to control you,” were the words of the controversial job description.

Then, to add insult to injury for equal opportunity and anti-sexism supporters, the advert continued,
“These are the conditions, simple and straightforward and if you don’t like them, don’t waste our time applying for the job. It’s obligatory to wear heels or platforms.”
The storm of criticism began immediately the advert was posted on social media, with other posters, accusing the bar of sexism, outdated 1970’s practices with some even threatening violence.

Whilst acknowledging that the advert seemed a good idea at the time, the bar manager apologised if the posts caused offence to anyone.
After withdrawing the offending adverts, a post was written on facebook explaining the decision.

“I’ve been insulted, called a sexist pig and worse. I’ve even had death threats,” he wrote, “We don’t want girls working while their boyfriends come in and watch them, sick with jealousy,” he explained. “It’s happened before and it causes terrible fights.”
He then continued to defend the demand that job seeking girls wear heels, “It’s a question of reaching over the bar,” he insisted. “If you are tall then it’s not a problem but if you are too short then you just can’t reach over so you have to wear heels.”
“You can state physical requirements when advertising a vacancy for men, and no-one will say a thing,” he bemoaned.
“But the moment you do it about women, it provokes a war,” he said.

Granado failed to confirm whether any of the vacancies had been filled, but following the old adage ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’, he was probably inundated with job seeking, heel wearing, boyfriend free, good looking girls.

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