Rural roads refined in Benissa


BENISSA IMPULS will carry out its annual works on the rural roads of the municipality throughout June, July, August and September.

The schedule, which will see 180 linear kilometres cleared, will accommodate the celebration of fiestas and the influx of tourists.

Initially, works will be completed by tractor before workers refine them on foot – with hedgerows cut back and footpaths cleared.

Works to the Llenes area have been completed and this week the tractors took to the areas of Biasner and Quisi before works are carried out on Paratella, Trons, Bolufers, Llenes, Pedramala, Biasner, Quisi, Grumers, Cornetes, Bellita, Tros Vell, Canor, Serrallonga, Orxelles, Lleus, Pinos, Olta, Vinyent, Canelles, Pou Roig, Benimallunt, Berdica, Raco Carabou, Collao, Pensi, Osalba, Coet, Benimarraig, Benimarco, Les Albes i altres partides and other rural areas of the municipality.

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