Save your money, grab the honey!


HONEY IS a sweet treat that can also heal you on the inside and out. This natural sweetener has both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

You can ingest honey to improve your health, but you can also use this powerful healer topically on things like sunburn.

Here are 30 ways to use honey that you probably never heard of before:

  1. As a topical ointment to heal skin ulcers
  2. As a disinfectant to soothe skin wounds
  3. Prevent a bandage from sticking to your scabs
  4. As a natural burn cream
  5. As an immunity booster
  6. To stop the hiccups
  7. Increase metabolism and weight loss
  8. Improve digestion
  9. Stop nausea
  10. Soothe sunburn
  11. Reduce fever
  12. Ward off the chills during a cold
  13. Soothe eczema
  14. Bring moisture and shine to your hair
  15. Prevent split ends
  16. Get rid of acne
  17. Moisten dry skin
  18. Increase hair growth
  19. End chronic dandruff
  20. Heal itchy scalp and scalp lesions
  21. Fatten up your eyelashes
  22. Ward off your allergies
  23. Immunity toward hay fever
  24. Soothe asthma
  25. Treat a nighttime cough and improve sleep during a cold
  26. Get a melatonin boost and a good night’s sleep
  27. Treat a sore throat
  28. End a hangover
  29. Cure athlete’s foot
  30. Ease a headache
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