Visitor security improved in and around Cova Tallada


MONTGO NATURAL PARK engineers were at work in the area surrounding the Cova Tallada last week, covering the gaps of the cove’s roof with security mesh to prevent people falling into it after a 15-year-old boy did whilst taking a selfie and misjudging his footing a week prior.

The Cova Tallada receives an exceptionally high number of tourists, especially throughout the high summer season and last year, the number of hikers who had to be rescued was ‘uncountable’.

The security mesh comes as one of the measures announced at the end of May after the governing board of the Montgo Natural Park met to discuss how to increase security in and around the cove.

Other measures discussed included the monitoring of the Cova Tallada by police and a footpath defined more clearly.

Mayor of Denia Vicent Grimalt suggested erecting signs along the footpath warning that those who suffer an accident will have to front the cost of the rescue if it is found to have been caused by carelessness.

The governing board recently imposed restrictions on local water sport companies in regard to the number of visitors they can take to the Cova Tallada on excursions/ how many excursions each day. The possibility of imposing similar restrictions on visitors by foot is also being studied.

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