Spain cheapest country in Eurozone to buy clothing


A REPORT published this week puts Spain as the cheapest country within the Eurozone to buy clothing.

The Eurostat report, puts Spain at 91% of the average on clothing prices, however other European countries outside the Eurozone, Bulgaria and Hungary are considerably cheaper for clothes.

Sweden at 136% and Denmark at 132% were the highest in Europe.

Spain is the 11th cheapest in Europe for alcohol and tobacco at 86%, with Bulgaria again the cheapest (56%) and Ireland the highest (175%).

In terms of food and non-alcoholic beverages, the cheapest EU countries were Poland and Romania, with prices 62% of the European average, whilst the most expensive were Denmark (148%) and Sweden (126 %). In the case of Spain, prices were 95% of the EU average.

And in the hotels and restaurants segment, Spanish prices were fourteen points below the EU average in 2016 (86%), although the cheapest countries were Bulgaria (44%) and Romania (53%), whose prices were barely a third of Denmark (150 per cent) and Sweden (144 per cent).

In the EU as a whole, Spain is the thirteenth country by price level, reaching 92% of the average of the Twenty-eight, while Denmark (139%), Ireland (125%) and Luxembourg and Sweden (124% Appear to be the most expensive countries in the EU.

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