Spain slams British authorities over time taken to identify potential terror attack victim


SPANISH Foreign Minister, Alfonso Dastis, has criticised British authorities for not acting quickly enough in identifying the Spaniard believed to have been killed in Saturday’s terror attack in London.

Dastis said the UK government must to do ‘everything humanly possible’ to inform the family of the fate of 39-year-old lawyer Ignacio Echverria, who was last seen fighting off the terrorists with his skateboard.

‘We are pressing British authorities because, frankly, this is a situation that can’t be extended for much longer,’ said Mr Dastis calling for efforts to be increased ‘to the maximum’ in order to avoid ‘more anguish and pain’ for Mr Echverria’s family.

Mr Echverria’s relatives tweeted 10 Downing Street yesterday, calling for British Prime Minister Theresa May to do more to speed up the process.

Fernando Vergara, Mr Echverria’s brother-in-law said: ‘Families of the victims of LB attacks feel mistreated by lack of information leading to unnecessary agony. 63 hrs still no news.’

Police said they needed fingerprint confirmation before identifying any victim and Britain’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson insisted that protocols must be followed before making identities public.

However, Isabel Echeverria, Mr Echeverria’s sister, told the Spanish press she believes ‘the UK government is not giving out information owing to the proximity of elections.’

HSBC, Mr Echeverria’s employer, has now reportedly hired private detectives to find him.

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