Statistics rank Torrevieja as Spain’s ‘poorest city’


THE INSTITUTO Nacional de Estadística (INE) released figures from its study of Urban Indicators 2017 recently, ranking Torrevieja as Spain’s ‘poorest city’ amongst 126 others.

The study shows the average net income across homes in Torrevieja to be an annual €14,462, nearly €50,000 less than in Pozeulo de Alarcon, Madrid, where an annual €73,014 was reported.

The City of Torrevieja have slammed the figures, which, for example, do not include the large number of expatriates receiving pensions from their home countries.

In 2013, Torrevieja came last again. In 2014, its average net income rose by nearly €500 but this was no way near enough to rival the penultimate city, Sanlucar de Barrameda, with an average net income of €17,222.

Torrevieja continues to rank as Spain’s ‘poorest city’ despite more cities being including in the index this year in comparison to last year’s 109 cities.

Accoring to the INE, a body belonging to the Ministry of Economy, the other two cities with the highest revenue, besides Pozuelo de Alarcon are Majadahonda – €57,623 and Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona – €53,767. While Fuengirola – €18,225 and Sanlucar de Barrameda €17,222) along with Torrevieja are the three cities with the lowest average net income.

The seven cities with the lowest estimated unemployment rate in 2016 are among the ten with the highest revenue: Pozuelo de Alarcon (8 per cent), Sant Cugat del Valles (8.9 per cent), San Sebastian (9.2 per cent), Las Rozas (9.2 per cent), Majadahonda (9.7 per cent), Getxo (10.2 per cent) and Barcelona (12.5 per cent).

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