WATCH: Street fight in Mijas?


TWO MEN have been recorded fighting on a roundabout on Mijas Costa, dividing online opinion as to whether the footage is real.

Twitter user @JorgeAguilar5_ posted the tape alongside the message, “look at what happened this morning on a famous roundabout on Mijas-Costa. See if you can watch this video without laughing.”

A voice off camera tells the men to “fight,” which they do in an amateurish manner, sparking online memes using fighting game, Street Fighter.

Twitter users have generally not taken the incident seriously, with @Julius2456 commenting, “you don’t have to be too smart to see this is staged, I don’t think the level of imbecility has gone up that much,” while @RaquelSastreCom, a comedian, commented, “if it is staged, bear in mind how risky it would be so set it up in the middle of a roundabout, involving cars and motorcycles.”

User @Abstenida just said, “karate dies of shame on a Mijas roundabout.”

Contacted by the Sur newspaper, police sources say they have not received any complaints about the video, not even from, “the person recording, who seems to get out of the car to prevent them from continuing to hit.”

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