Summer-ready nails


CHECK OUT our five top tips to ensure your at home manicure/pedicure stays in tip-top condition:

Prep your nails

Remember that any bumps, ridges, or imperfections on your nails can cause your nail polish to chip, so take the time to remove any old nail polish and make sure you shape, file and buff your nails so you’re starting with a smooth base.

Apply a base coat

Applying a base coat is one of the most important steps in getting fabulous, chip-proof nails. Not only does it prevent polish from staining your nails, but it also adheres to your nails better than regular polish, which helps extend the length of your manicure/ pedicure.

Allow nails to dry

Ideally, you should let your nails dry for at least 2 minutes in between each coat of polish and if you’re wearing a darker shade, you should wait at least 3 minutes as darker polishes typically take longer to dry.

Apply a chip resistant top coat

Finding a good chip-resistant top coat will be a game-changer in extending the life of your at-home manicures/ pedicures.

Apply a top coat every day

If you REALLY want to extend the life of a polish, you can apply a top coat every single day.


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